Business activity

"Nihonkai Bridge» was founded in 2005. The main goal of  “Nihonkai Bridge” company is to establish partnership relations between foreign and Russian business community.

Having long-term experience in the sphere of cooperation with foreign partners including from Japan, we help business representatives from Russia to start their cooperation with the Japanese and other foreign companies.

Business tour always involves a large amount of preparatory work, which is not easy for those who are just starting their contacts with the foreign business community. 

Our company will help you to choose the most relevant business tour, as well as to establish contacts with business partners. We will competently and carefully plan and organize all business trip, will provide you with qualified translators, and experienced guides.

“Nihonkai Bridge” distinguishes the cultural component of the business tourism as a separate and important line. We will help you to establish your cooperation in the sphere of various interests:  sports events in Japan, organize tours of creative teams, find concert venues, and hold master classes of any direction, create business and trusting relationship with the host country.

"Nihonkai Bridge" constantly improves the skills of its employees, being active participants in tourist seminars, the annual international tourism exhibition in Tokyo “TourismExpoJp”, all activities of the Japanese center in Vladivostok. We are always aware of all the events and news of the tourist and business world.